Welcome to Hastings

The Hastings Airport is a full service airport served by Hastings Air, a full service FBO. Come visit our newly renovated FBO building located on the south side of the field. 100LL and JET A fuel is available via truck.

www.flyhastingsair.com Office: 402-463-8775 Mobile: 402-469-2405

After Hours contact the FBO staff, or self-serve fuel is available via a card swipe system near the terminal building on the west side of the field.

Short Term ground Transportation is available via a courtesy car located in the terminal parking lot.  Keys are available from the FBO or via lockbox in the afterhours building for after hours needs.  The car is free for your use, but if you can toss a few dollars into the donation can, we appreciate it! 

Car Rentals are available by calling Kershners' Auto Korner 402-461-3161 - www.kershnersautokorner.com   They will deliver cars to the airport at your request. 

For Current Weather - ASOS Phone is 402-463-4029

If you find that you need help for transportation, unanticipated maintenance, or the advice of a local pilot, please call one of our association members at:

  • President - Matt Kuhr CPL: 402-984-5223

  • Vice President - Glen Bredhaur A&P, CFI, CPL: 402-460-8113

  • Treasurer - Aaron Schardt PPL: 402-363-1526

  • Secretary - Paul Dunning CFI: 402-469-7163